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Magnetar ribbon dipole speaker


The line source dipole is implemented with a ribbon element with a shallow wave guide in front with a width of 22.4 cm. The ribbon is made of aluminum and is 2.8 cm wide, 94.5 cm high and 13 microns thick. The ribbon has a very low impedance. The weight is a bit is less than 1g, so it follows the changes in the signal extremely sensitively in the magnetic field. The impedance and voltage / current transformer is a high-end autoformer, which according to the law of energy loss does allow an easy load on the amplifier. The electromagnetic force in the ribbon does not depend on the voltage but only on the current. The neodymium magnets are hidden inside the shaped aluminum profile. The element is protected by a curved metal mesh on both sides against contact.

The bass became a U-frame dipole with a 15 ”dynamic element, which also serves as a stand for the ribbon element. A passive filter on the speaker is stacked on the bottom of the bass housing to keep the focus down. The linear motion deviation of a dynamic element is typically many times larger compared to planar membrane elements. Thus, the bass part can be kept compact. The electroacoustic division is 385 Hz and the low frequency is 35 Hz (-6dB). The room with its interfaces can extend the lower limit of bass reproduction, up to half an octave lower. Also, floor reflection does not interfere when the bass is close to the floor. The speaker has 4 adjustable foots that can be replaced with M8 spikes if needed. The element is protected by a round metal perforated plate. The back of the open housing is protected by a square wooden perforated plate.


Magnetar - ribbon dipole speaker

The speaker is 3-way passive, but each of the three channels can be driven separately. Thus, the levels can be adjusted to suit your own taste or, for example, if you listen much quieter than the 85dB studio work reference. When listening quietly, the sensitivity of the ear changes so that levels <400 Hz and upper treble above 10 kHz are also raised so that the ear senses the weight ratios of the sound as way as in the studio (reference sound pressure 85dB). If listening at levels above 95dB, the super treble can be disabled. Exact curves according to Fletcher & Munson. If a type-decreasing power response for a conventional speaker is desired, bass levels can be raised, but keep in mind that a +3 dB increase always equates to doubling the power required.

With the speaker it is possible to do near field monitoring at a distance of  1-2.5m, in a normal living room. Now we recommend Magnetar to be used for monitoring from distance 1-1,5m as well (recommend to use DSP to correct frequency response according to standards). Actually step response looks better, very same as some manufacturers set standards (for natural sound)!! 

The speaker body is birch veneered. The surface treatment uses environmentally friendly wood wax (available in different shades).


Magnetar - ribbon dipole speaker

Model: Kannel Audio Magnetar / Operating principle: 2 (3) -way dipole + super tweeter / Sensitivity: 90 dB (2.83 Vac) / Impedance: 8Ω  / Frequency range: 35 Hz (in room <30Hz) - - 40 kHz / Maximum power: 200W(Continuous), (800W Peaks) / Crossover frequencies: Passive filter. 385 Hz electroacoustic, 10 kHz super tweeter / Speaker elements: / Low / lower center 15 ”dynamic speaker element with paper cone, Mid / tweeter 2.8cm x 94.5cm aluminum ribbon element, Top tweeter 2.6cm textile dome / Position: First reflections recommended min. 6ms (about 1 m to the rear wall) with a delay relative to the direct sound. If the delay is more than 7ms, the sound will be clearly focused and the sound field will deepen. / Connectors: Gold - plated terminal blocks. Three pairs. Each element can be driven by its own amplifier by separate wiring. Double wiring possible. / Dimensions: 42 cm / 22.4 cm x 145 cm x 23 cm / Weight: 24 kg / pc / Warranty: 3 years Covers manufacturing and material defects. Does not cover parts broken by electrical or mechanical overload. / Price: 12950 (24% VAT) / pair / Delivery time: Ask.

(New price because magnets prices have been normalized from spring of 2022)

Pictures & Measurements & Reviews.

Kannel Audio Magnetar has been tested by Hifimaailma magazine 01/2022. Extremely positive feedback. :) :) :)

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